The Client

Who is Blondie Lee? When the world told her that learning to be a DJ was too tough, Blondie Lee remained resolute. She dedicated six days a week to work and saved every penny to assemble her own setup. In the precious moments she had to spare, Blondie Lee committed herself to mastering her craft.

A decade has since passed, and Blondie Lee has evolved into a true maestro, progressing from the confines of her bedroom to performing at Australia’s premier venues, festivals, and events. Along this journey, Blondie Lee discovered how the DJ industry’s close-knit nature stifled her self-expression.

But she was determined to change that.

Blondie Lee harnessed the transformative power of music to express her love for herself and others. Her infectious energy, full of fun and charisma, enchants all who cross her path.

Today, Blondie Lee not only delivers classic House music but also brings an authentic, heart-centered, and spirit-lifting experience to every room, audience, and occasion.

The Brief

Beyond being a talented performer, success requires an engaging personality and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone. You have to be social media savvy and have the ability to generate compelling content. All of which needs to stay on message…

We know Blondie Lee is talented. But, what we discovered is that it’s her emotional strength and optomistic message that will connect with fans, brands and partners.

We wanted to understand what makes Blondie Lee’s personality so appealing. We were overwhelmed by her positive nature and openness — attributes rarely visible in the DJ world.

We were engaged to create a brand that positions Blondie Lee as a successful and credible alternative to existing Tier 1 competitors, a brand that will ‘speak to’ industry power brokers and be a foundation for future brand growth and activity expansion or diversification.

The Outcome

1. Discovery

Our journey began with understanding Blondie Lee’s unique position in the market, her value proposition, and her business objectives through a discovery workshop.

2. Strategy

We built a roadmap that aligned with Blondie Lee’s goals:

  • We crafted a Client Purpose Statement
  • We developed a comprehensive ‘who, what, why’ master narrative

3. Implementation

Phase 1 of this project included:

  • Naming
  • Logo design
  • Visual language definition
  • Brand guidelines
  • New website
Brand Strategy
Graphic Design
Creative Direction
Motion Graphics

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