Full-service business consulting. True innovation comes from true outsider thinking.

From its foundations as a creative agency, driven by its global network of thinkers, the Jane Fender membership has expanded, and so too has its service offering. With problem solving and outsider thinking at is core, Jane Fender offers clients a suite of business, strategy and innovation services:

  • Jane Fender Strategy
  • Jane Fender Design
  • Jane Fender Digital Marketing
  • Jane Fender Production

A creative crowd.

Jane Fender is a global ideas consultancy, delivering curated problem solving from an exclusive membership of true outsiders. Across fashion, brand, music, the visual arts and strategic thought; our global hive of thinkers offer a radical form of innovation, focussed on your unique creative needs.

Ideas are curated and managed by our senior consultants from offices in Los Angeles, Dubai, Sydney and Byron Bay. We offer an elastic resource that can be scaled to suit your ambitions and your budget.

Ideas & strategy are the raw materials of innovation.

To bring a business to life, to create an effective brand, and to forge a deep connection with your customers doesn’t happen by accident. It’s only with the insights of an outsider that you can challenge existing assumptions and get to the heart of what your business is all about.

Jane Fender offers a suite of strategic services: from advisory, naming, visual identity, digital user-experience, consumer branding and built-environment experiential design.

Design-thinking defines everything we do, our award-winning team have deep analytical experience to interrogate your marketing strategy and design a complete and effective corporate identity.

Breakthrough insights – Data is just the start.

Digital strategy goes well beyond your IT resources and a marketing plan. In a world of digital disruption, all businesses need their online presence to sit at the heart of their operations.

The right digital strategy will empower your decision making through mobilising data. Which is vital, as the volume of available data explodes and it becomes harder to separate the insights from the noise.

Jane Fender takes a holistic approach to all of your data sources. With an outsider’s eye, our team will interrogate your current operations, and visualise your hopes for the future. To produce a digital strategy that will boost customer engagement and propel you ahead of the competition.

World-class production partnerships.

In addition to active consultants in Los Angeles, Sydney, Dubai and Byron Bay, Jane Fender has earned partnerships with some of the world’s most highly acclaimed production houses. Our working relationships offer clients unprecedented access to sought-after directors and production capabilities, regardless of your timezone.

Jane Fender gives clients exclusive access to true outsider thinking.

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Jane Fender Special Projects offers premium grade film production services to international companies wishing to film in Australia

Location scouting
Production management
TV & film crews
Film permits and regulations
Australian Film Crew Visa Service

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