Spanline Australia National Marketing
Campaign #1 2021

Production Overview

Friday 27 November Script approval
Monday 30 November Story Board approval
Monday 7 December 30 & 15 Sec Animated drafts presented for approval
Tuesday 8 December Request TVC orders from franchisees
Wednesday 9 December Final client approval required
Friday 11  December TAG/CAD Commence
Friday 18 December TVC’s available for distribution


Campaign Treatment 1: ‘Get back to living’

Animated titles and graphic elements. This idea is based on a series single of animated scenes, simple picture elements that are accompanied by a voice over and sound effects  — bringing the graphic elements to life.


30 Second Script (V5.0 – 25 NOV 2020)

Voice Over Visual Sound
Summer is here A sun begins to rise from the horizon Birds chirping.
and it’s time to get back to living. As the VO says ‘living’ the sun pops like a xmas streamer popper, sending confetti falling Party and joyous cheers.
Get back to family and friends. Confetti dots continues to float to the bottom of the screen Sounds of laughing and glasses clinking
  The whole screen then rotates 180 degrees and all the confetti dots are floating up now  
  We pull back out to reveal that the dots are bubbles rising in champagne glasses as two people make a toast  
Back to hobbies The champagne glasses separate back out of the frame after the toast, revealing a speed boat heading towards camera  The engine of a ski-boat and woo-hoos.
Back to fun The skiers swing towards camera with a splash Laughter & fun,
Get back to lazy Sundays The splash clears revealing  calm gently water surface, a lilo drifts into the frame feet first Pool water lapping
  The lilo floats through the screen with someone asleep in a big sombrero hat, snoring… Pool water lapping and snoring
and living easy. As the lilo drifts out of frame the occupant raises a glass and cheers when the VO says ‘Living Easy’ Pool water lapping
Get back to long lunches The camera then tilts up and reveals waves — the waves are actually the bottom edge of a table cloth laughter, voices
  The camera continue to rise  up and over the table to reveal feast laughter, voices
and loving your home time Ending up fully overhead — we see food fade and disappear and plates and glasses move as if we’re watching a time lapse of the afternoon laughter, voices
Spanline can help you get more from your home so you can get back to living’ this summer We now transition to a real life Spanline Patio photograph – slowly panning from left to right  
Contact us today for a free quote. Spanline Logo
Make space at your place
Carports. Patios. Outdoor spaces.
Contact details.

Execution explorations


  • Production budgets are yet to be confirmed
  • We are presenting 3 creative ideas, suggested media and a sales promotion 
  • All our ideas assume that our production budgets are limited 
  • Our aim is to deliver creative ideas that lend themselves to being ‘localised’ versions in a cost effective way
  • We recommend that Letter Box/Direct Mail Flyers remains optional
  • We recommend a consistent company wide finance product offer (Handypay?) is implemented ASAP


  • Introduce Spanline to new customers
  • Increase awareness amongst those familiar with the brand
  • Position Spanline in the minds of customers as an innovative, high quality, brand
  • Drive customers to visit and contact an outlet
  • Increase sales
  • Build our email addresses database 
  • Create creative content that can be deployed across all media (TV, paid and unpaid digital, EDM, direct mail, etc)

The Insight

  • COVID has created an opportunity for Spanline
  • Some consumers have more money in the bank
  • People are spending more time at home
  • Home owners are investing in home improvements
  • All our creative ideas address either the desire to ‘make 2021 a better year’ or focus on making improvements around the home
  • Franchisees are wanting to put more energy into digital marketing
  • Good results are being seen across all our paid digital channel


Where franchisees say they will spend advertising dollars in Jan-Mar 2021

Campaign Elements

Campaign Treatments

Campaign Treatment 2: ‘Under a Spanline’

  • Low cost production
  • Bright, colourful, upbeat animated photographic elements.
  • Entertaining husband and wife ‘banter’ voice over bringing it all to life
  • As each line of voice over is spoken a new selection of images appears on to the screen.
  • Mum then Dad, then Mum, then Dad again — combined with a daughters point of view as well
  • All the images are framed under the silhouette of a Spanline Patio which eventually animates to life in the form of a real image

Script Sample

VO​ What would you have under your Spanline? A Spanline roof line appears
Woman: Family lunches and morning teas. Images of beautiful food, drinks and lunch table setting appear. Smiling faces, champagne glasses and cakes fill the entire space.
Man: Siestas, snooze time. A chair just for me. They vanish to leave a lone recliner. The foot rest pops up. Sound of snoring.
Woman: Indoor plants, a garden retreat Flowers, succulents, palms, vines, star jasmine.
Man:​ A big BBQ and bar fridge. Sweet. Big BBQ, ice
Woman: My sewing and craft kits. Everything neat. Sewing kits
Man: My surf boards and ski. Surfboards, jetski, etc
Woman: A room near the pool. Water splashes through the scene and in pops pool floats, colourful towels, sun chairs and straw hats.
Man:​ Or a room just for pool. Then a pool cue slides into frame and taps them off screen with the breaking of pool balls over a green felt table.
Woman: A place to read and rest. Books pile up and “mum” on a chair reading with a smile is on top of one giant pile of books.
Man:​ A space to build and test. The books spin out of frame as the space fills with slick and practical garage storage, tools on a peg board and the sound of a drill.
Woman: Bridge club with the girls. The scene clicks out to reveal a bridge table. Cards flip into the scene to form hands and we hear women laughing.
Man:​ Punters club with the boys. The card table flips off screen to the sound of horse racing call, football jerseys and a referees whistle.
Young girl: Party with the girls The screen goes dark small makeshift tent appears, lit with a torch and the silhouettes of three young girls giggling at a sleepover.
All: ​
A space for life
A space for fun.
A space for everyone.
The last collage animation resolves into a real photo of a Spanline build with people enjoying life under it.
VO: Whether you’re under the Tamworth sun, A Shepparton sky or just under the Southern Cross, you can get more from life under a Spanline We then cut through a montage of a few other beautiful examples: a carport, a patio ann another outdoor room.
Logo. Make space at your place. Carports. Patios. Outdoor spaces. Contact details.

Execution style

Campaign Treatment 3: ‘We’ve got you covered’

Screen rooms: We’ve got you covered
Patios: We’ve got you covered
Carports: We’ve got you covered
Decks: We’ve got you covered

  • Humorous 15 sec spots that focus on the hapless efforts of people who DON’T have a Spanline
  • For example: The guy who shields his car from the summer sun by walking around and around his car with his umbrella
  • For example: The couple who use fly swatters to protect themselves from the evening mozzie onslaught
  • For example: The family heads to the patio for evening al fresco meal — Dad issues everyone with bee keeping suits in a sad attempt to protect the family from mozzies
  • For example: The lady balancing on step ladder shading her husband as he bbq’s on his deck without a roof
  • All of these humorous scenarios are book ended by a Spanline ‘solution’
  • High quality talent required for this idea — looking and sounding funny

Execution style 1

Execution style 2

Live the Spanline Difference for a weekend! – Promotion/Competition


  • 50 words or less: Which Spanline home addition would make the biggest difference to your family and why?
  • Game of skill competition — no permit required
  • The question will encourage website visitation as customers ‘research’ their answer
  • Compliments the Summer campaign
  • Introduces the ‘Spanline Spiritual Home’ Byron Bay narrative
  • May encourage franchisee’s to take up Direct Mail, etc to promote the competition (pull up banners in showrooms, ‘ask me how’ tee shirts, etc)
  • Cost could be covered by Spanline HQ or shared beween franchisee group
  • Anticipated cost around $15K 

Customer touch points

  • ‘Competition’ content on home page
  • ‘Competition’ content on all franchisee landing pages
  • Pop up advertisement when entering
  • Facebook and Instagram assets for national and franchisee social feeds
  • Posters & pop-up banners in showrooms
  • Insertion of  ‘Competition’ graphic image on correspondence (quotes, invoices, etc)
  • Insertion of ‘Competition’ graphic image on email signatures
  • Dedicated competition National EDM campaign
  • Re-marketing opportunity to all email addresses harvested via entry process

Execution examples

Suggested Prize itinerary

Day 1:

  • Your own Private Airport transfer awaiting your pick up and delivery to your little surf side room at the Atlantic Guesthouse. Refreshing local seasonal bevy awaits you on arrival and a personal site orientation to your new little home away form home for 3 days of sun, sand and surf…
  • Depending on arrival time – a stroll down to Bay Leaf to enjoy a local snack followed by a little retail therapy along the strip
  • Afternoon lazing by the pool at Atlantic or grab a board and down for a surf
  • Dinner at Beach Byron Bay on the deck under the stars ….before a short stroll home taking in the local sights of Byron at night

Day 2:

  • Up early to see the sunrise, means a Lighthouse walk taking in the amazing views along the boardwalk to Byrons most easterly point… many photographic moments to capture along the way
  • Breakfast local style on the grass at Top Shop
  • A Kayak session out to Julian Rocks mixing with the gliterati of ocean life…. dolphins, turtles, and much more
  • A little afternoon siesta or stretch out under the shade of the many quiet nooks at Atlantic and finish that last chapter of your book
  • An Aperol Sprtiz at Raes Bar before heading in for dinner at one of Byron’s iconic restaurants in the heart of Wategos

Day 3:

  • A personal Surf session from one of Byron’s seasoned Surfers – Keiren Perrow or Rusty Miller and fuel an appetite for a well deserved Road House / General Store breakfast
  • A road trip out to Minyon falls in Nightcap National Park to see some of what our gorgeous region has to offer… back to Harvest for a leisurely late lunch and enjoy the local artisans wares at Newrybar merchants
  • The Beach hotel , Loft Byron and Locura are some of the night life offerings to while away your final night in Byron… with a variety of offerings to tempt your palette in bay Lane and surrounds

Next steps

  • Agree on creative idea
  • Approve promotion concept
  • Finalise production budgets
  • Develop A4 Direct Mail as a priority

The Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay Jane Fender teams thank you for your time and continued business.