The Puzzle Master

Recruitment Marketing: Concept 2
18 April 2024

1. Brief

Strategy& Middle East wishes to develop a short (no longer than a minute long) video to attract, inspire and encourage new potential talent in the region to join and become a member of the Strategy& family. The video will be used across multiple channels, including our careers website and on various social media platforms.

2. Audience

Curious, innovative thinkers.

We are targeting graduates who exhibit academic excellence from top universities, exceptional problem-solving capabilities, and significant leadership potential. Ideal candidates are typically in their early to mid-20s, aligning with the age range of recent university graduates.

Additionally, innovative thinking and specific technical skills relevant to the consulting domain are sought after. We are seeking candidates who bring a wide range of perspectives and solutions to our clients’ challenges.

3. The Reality


Today’s top graduates, especially those in high-demand fields, are inundated with generic messages and claims from potential employers. This has led to skepticism towards traditional recruitment tactics used by large firms.

4. Introducing ‘The Puzzle Master’

This ‘Palm Royale’ video and accompanying Saul Bass samples represent the visual style we are recommending.

5. Rationale

Key Message Strategy& is not what you thought it was — look again. Unlock Your Potential. Join the Challenge.

6. Approach

Creative Concept: Leveraging the metaphor of a puzzle, the campaign illustrates how joining Strategy& is about fitting into a larger picture—where individual skills have both distinct and collaborative impacts. This will be visualized through a dynamic 2D animation inspired by the vibrant, engaging style of the show “Palm Royale.”

Narrative Style: The narrative will follow the journey of Sarah, a prototype of the ideal recruit—intelligent, curious, and ready for a challenge. The story will use the transformation of her mundane routine into an exciting puzzle-solving adventure to symbolize the fresh perspectives and innovative solutions that Strategy& offers.

Interactive Element: The animation will lead into an interactive landing page where viewers can engage in mini-games or puzzle-based challenges that act as both pre-qualifiers and insightful activities to gauge the candidate’s problem-solving capabilities and fit for the company’s culture.

The Campaign Ecosytem

The campaign will be built around the hero content, a 60 second video and supported by strategically deployed targetted micro-content and a information rich, engaging, recruitment microsite.

7. Execution

Scene 1 – Disengagement Duration 10 seconds.

Sarah, disengaged at her desk, indicative of the mundane aspect of traditional jobs.

Scene 2 – Call to Action Duration 15 seconds.

A pop-up notification transitions Sarah’s environment into a vibrant, animated puzzle world.

Scene 3 – Challenge and Engagement Duration 20 seconds.

Sarah navigating through a room of puzzles, meeting other potential recruits.

Scene 4 – Collaboration and Solution Duration 25 seconds.

Teams collaboratively solving puzzles that metaphorically represent real-world problems Strategy& tackles.

Scene 5 – Impact and Motivation Duration 20 seconds.

As puzzles are solved, animations flash showcasing Strategy&’s diverse projects and impacts.

Scene 6 – Revelation Duration 10 seconds.

Sarah completing the final puzzle, with the scene transitioning back to her desk, now seeing her job with a new perspective.

Scene 7 – Call to Join Duration 5 seconds.

Strategy& logo and campaign slogan, along with a link to the interactive landing page.

8. Microsite

The site could feature interactive puzzles as pre-qualification tests, links to detailed information about Strategy&, and an application portal.

We aim to deepen engagement, gather insights on candidate skills and problem-solving approaches, and encourage applications from those who excel at the interactive challenges.

9. Promotion

Social media platforms popular among graduates, online career portals, university career services, and email marketing.

Teaser content leading up to the launch, followed by targeted ads directing traffic to the animation and landing page.

By aligning the campaign closely with the visual and thematic style of “Palm Royale,” the pitch not only taps into the aesthetic preferences of the target demographic but also emphasizes Strategy&’s dedication to innovation and creative problem-solving.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to discussing the further development of these ideas with your team.