Jane Fender might be an organisation fueled by right side of the brain thinking, but its commercial solutions are comfortably positioned to the left. Jane Fender cleared its path and built its reputation by deploying an elastic, global resource combined with True Outsider Thinking.

Jane Fender’s membership have recently worked for the following organisations:

  • Ford
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Google
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Ikea
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Volvo
  • Vans
  • Mick Fanning
  • General Motors
  • Deus Ex Machina

Ford Motor Company

#fordusa has made good use of our artistic persuasions. Our brief was to expand from their ordinarily conservative buyer via art and message. Our interpretation was to step outside the box, in this case, the blue circle. The result? New ideas on who the Ford driver can be, and how then to speak their language.


#playpinoy Jane Fender’s Scott McClelland and BBH brought goosbumps to the nation of The Philippines with Nike’s celebration of Pinoy style playing.


#madebygoogle Contemporary art and brand partnerships — Jane Fender’s, Stefan Marx has collaborated with Google to coincide with the release of their new Pixel handset.


#adidasinsythesis Contemporary art and brand partnerships — Jane Fender’s, Joseph Allen Shea created a memorable, shareable collaboration with Adidas. An all female exhibition celebrating artistic collaboration.


#culturalpartnerships Branding a country is a dream project for creatives like us. The ultimate big thinking, detailed strategy making and complex coordination our team is primed for. Through identifying cultural and tourism assets currently overlooked, we are creating a project that could help shape not only an international perspective, but a national one too.


Jane Fender’s Marissa Maximo is the Founder of Anaak. A collection of clean, beautifully feminine pieces made in the most simple, direct and ethical way. Their mission is to empower makers and preserve ancient textile techniques, creating ongoing partnerships with local artisans in India, Bolivia and beyond.

Mick Fanning

#mickfanning needed a strategic roadmap for his future brand. A common problem for professional sports people is diversifying core focus groups (surfing more difficult for its heavy fan-participation based audience). We looked at this problem by shedding a new light on ‘shredding’, one that would arouse interest from a more cosmopolitan customer base.

Art Park

#madebyartists Art Park is important for our studio. It has given Jane Fender a physical realm to challenge ideas. It’s created a platform to support international and local artists. It has built on our brand building skills in 3d. It has attracted artist collaboration ordinarily unknown to commercial terrain (or normally unwilling). It has developed our product design skills and it has given us a healthy perspective from the clients standing. It’s also been great fun.

Ford Motor Company — Super Duty

#superduty Jane Fender was engaged to deliver strategy for Ford’s bread and butter product, its market leading Super Duty range. Launching and devising strategy for the new ‘Ground up’ car campaign via content driven social channels is big responsibility, one that we have taken in our stride.