Spanline Australia National Marketing
Campaign #2 2021

Production Overview


Monday 1 March Script approval
Wednesday 3 March Animated drafts presented for style approval
Wednesday 3 March Request TVC orders from franchisees
Wednesday 10 March Final client approval required
Thursday 11 March TAG/CAD Commence
Tuesday 15 March TVC’s available for distribution


Campaign Treatment: ‘Under a Spanline’

  • Low cost production
  • Bright, colourful, upbeat animated photographic elements.
  • Entertaining husband and wife ‘banter’ voice over bringing it all to life
  • As each line of voice over is spoken a new selection of images appears on to the screen.
  • Mum then Dad, then Mum, then Dad again
  • All the images appear in a ‘blue dot’, in front of Spanline Patio image

Script Sample

VO​ What would you do under your Spanline? Blue screen with ‘What would you do under your Spanline?’ text
Woman: Family lunches and morning teas. ‘Blue dot’. containing a hand drawn Image of a group of people entertaining, mixing, having fun
Man: Siestas, snooze time. A chair just for me. ‘Blue dot’. containing a hand drawn Image of a man reclining
Woman: Indoor plants, a garden retreat Multiple ‘Blue dot’. containing a hand drawn Image of a Flowers, succulents, palms,
Man:​ A big BBQ and bar fridge. Sweet. ‘Blue dot’. containing a hand drawn Image of a Big BBQ, fridge set up
Woman: A place to read and rest. ‘Blue dot’. containing a hand drawn Image of  “mum” on a chair reading
Man:​ A space to build and test. ‘Blue dot’. containing a hand drawn Image of man and work bench
All: ​
A space for life
A space for fun.
A space for everyone.
Fade to blue screen with ‘patios. Carports and Outdoors Spaces’
VO: Whether you’re under the Tamworth sun, A Shepparton sky or just under the Southern Cross, you can get more from life under a Spanline Logo. CTA. Contact details.

Execution style sample

  • Please note imagination required: Voice over will be up-beat and animated — light hearted verbal jousting, between him and her.
  • Please note imagination required: Voice over and music not recorded as yet, place holder versions being used.
  • Please note imagination required: Illustrations in blue circles place holders only, the final illustrations will reflect items described in the script.


  • Introduce Spanline to new customers
  • Increase awareness amongst those familiar with the brand
  • Position Spanline in the minds of customers as an innovative, high quality, brand
  • Drive customers to visit and contact an outlet
  • Increase sales
  • Build our email addresses database 
  • Create creative content that can be deployed across all media (TV, paid and unpaid digital, EDM, direct mail, etc)

The Insight

  • COVID has created an opportunity for Spanline
  • Some consumers have more money in the bank
  • People are spending more time at home
  • Home owners are investing in home improvements
  • All our creative ideas address either the desire to ‘make 2021 a better year’ or focus on making improvements around the home
  • Franchisees are wanting to put more energy into digital marketing
  • Good results are being seen across all our paid digital channel


Where franchisees say they will spend advertising dollars in Jan-Mar 2021

Campaign Elements